Wall Climbing Twinklers Event 2017

In our constant endeavour to make our kids happy and learn new things, we made our Twinklers literally scale new heights and bond with each other.

On Saturday February 11th 2017, we all assembled at the newly opened Clip & Climb, with Twinklers who were all excited to get inside and scale the walls.

After the staff made sure that we were wearing our harnesses correctly, they taught us how to attach the carabiners. We were also briefed on all the safety protocols that we needed to abide by before (we had to shout, “Check Me!” and wait for a staff to check that we were clipped on securely before climbing) and after (we had to shout, “Watch out!” to warn the people below us that we were coming down) each climb. We also learned that each wall had a difficult rating indicated by 1 (easiest) to 3 (most difficult) carabiners. And on top of just trying to reach the top, there were pointers on how you could go on to challenge yourself to make it more difficult. Once we have completed our ‘training’, we were free to go around the park to try out the 19 rock-climbing walls available!

We had an AMAZING time scaling the heights and the Twinklers managed to get to the top of more than half the walls!

The fun didn’t just end there. Once we were done scaling the heights, it was time to regroup and hop over to Laser Quest for some more fun.

Thanks to all the Tablers n Circlers for being present along with their Twinklers. Cheers to the KIDS!!