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2016 - 2017 Charge Ahead

In the year 2016 - 2017 SRT1 wants to build on the foundations created by the previous boards. Learning from the past and looking towards the future. Focus on knowing each other by organizing social activities. Besides that we will host several charity events. We want to extend our relations with other Table Nations by visiting the ASPA meeting and the World Meeting.

In the year 2018 SRT1 will organise and host the ASPA meeting in Singapore. Preparations start already in this board year 2016 - 2017. Our ultimate goal is to start with a third Table in Singapore before the ASPA 2018 meeting.

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“The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the time and whenever possible improve them.”

Board2016-2017 Chintan Chande

Chintan Chande

Board2016-2017 Yeshwin Srinivasa

Yeshwin Srinivasa

Vice Chairman
Board2016-2017Alexis van Dam

Alexis Van Dam

Board2016-2017 Jignesh Mehta

Jignesh Mehta